Want to get the most out of your Live Music HQ classified ad? Here are a few tips that might help:
  • If you are a band looking for musicians or a musician looking for a band, don't forget to mention what area you live in (and include the ZIP Code field), what age range you are looking for, what musical style you prefer, and what skill level you are.
  • If you think that it matters to you or to the readers of your ad, make sure to specify in what area you are located in the ad (and include the ZIP Code field).
  • Unless you don't mind looking like an uneducated moron to readers of your ad, try your best to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. For example, there's this really cool key on the keyboard called the "Shift" key. Get this... it allows you to make upper-case (aka "big") letters when you hold it down while typing a letter, or lower-case (aka "little") letters when you do not hold it down while typing a letter. No, really! Look into it. Typing everything in lower-case looks lazy, while typing everything in upper-case looks like you are YELLING. So, unless you are lazy or yelling, try your best to mix them up.
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