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TENNYSON'S TAP - (5.6 miles from 80201)
[MAP] Address: 4335 W 38th Ave
Denver, CO 80212
Phone: 303-455-4269
Web Site: http://www.tennysonstap.com/
Comments: Tennyson's Tap is a neighborhood live music bar combined with a recording studio and art gallery that is inspired by the good ol' days and devoted to the success of today's thriving arts and entertainments scene in historic Tennyson Street Cultural District in the North Denver Highlands, where the community has for a hundred years been united by an obsession with art, music, culture and good times. Denver jewel Elitch Gardens lived at the same city intersection: Gardens, Ballroom, Theater, Mister Twister roller coaster, Singers, Dancers, Zoologica, Music, Entertainment. Our community has partied at 38th & Tennyson since 1890! Featuring live music and serving Colorado Spirits. On 38th at Tennyson in the North Denver Highlands, Colorado USA! Please be a part of our village, as it takes a village to raise a bar!
LINCOLN'S ROAD HOUSE - (6.65 miles from 80201)
[MAP] Address: 1201 S Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 303-777-3700
Web Site: http://www.lincolnsroadhouse.com/
Comments: Located in the Washington Park/DU neighborhood, Lincolns Roadhouse is one of Denver's best places to see live music, meet for drinks or get a bite to eat.

We have live music just about every night, check out our music page for dates and times to catch bands like Eugene Sings the Blues, Eric Boa & the Constrictors and The Delta Sonics.

If you are lookin for some food, our menu offers the Award Winning Meatloaf Cheeseburger (Westwords Best Meatloaf Sandwich 2002), a Pot-roast Burrito and the Best Cajun food this side of the Mississippi.
HERB'S - (7.49 miles from 80201)
[MAP] Address: 2057 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-299-9555
Web Site: http://www.herbsbar.com/
Comments: When jazz saxophonist Laura Newman took over Herb's
she created a welcome den for live music on the fringes of LoDo.

Though Herb's has always opened its stages to area players, it's now a bona fide venue nearly every night of the week, with emphasis on R&B, funk and jazz. Grab a booth that runs along the wall, and you can still hear and see the show while maintaining normal conversation. If you prefer to get closer, there's plenty of room in front of the stage. Just take care not to take up too much room on the dance floor; it's bound to get packed as the night goes on. Herb's is the perfect little hideout in a hectic part of town.

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