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PADDY REILLY'S - (0.86 miles from 10001)
[MAP] Address: 519 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-686-1210
Web Site: http://www.paddyreillysmusicbar.us/
Comments: Since opening in 1986, Steve Duggan has been the steady purveyor of Paddy Reilly's Music Bar. Never a day passes when he's not greeting guests, pouring a pint, or seeing to the night's music. Steve's a renowned Gaelic footballer and an accomplished runner.

Steve worked tirelessly to "authenticate" the music pub experience to provide guests a faithful Irish experience. The knotted flooring was transported from an Irish hotel, along with the remnants of an old makeshift "still" shipped directly from County Cavan. Authentic copper lanterns over hang the bar where pints flow.
VILLAGE UNDERGROUND - (1.92 miles from 10001)
[MAP] Address: 130 W. 3rd Street
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-777-7745
Web Site: http://thevillageunderground.com/
Comments: The Village Underground presents the greatest most dynamic live music in New York. The Underground has become the one room in the City that all musicians want to play – so we have only the best. Talented, charismatic, fun, and never boring – you can't have a bad time at the Underground.
COMMON GROUND - (2.04 miles from 10001)
[MAP] Address: 206 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
Phone: 212-228-6231
Web Site: http://commongroundnyc.com/
Comments: Common Ground, located in Alphabet City, near Stuyvesant Town & Tompkins Square Park, is an East Village bar & restaurant that blends the physical comforts of a lounge with the atmospheric comforts of a neighborhood pub. With an extensive list of draft beers, signature cocktails, and delicious gourmet bar food, Common Ground stands out as a unique destination in the bustling East Village.
SIDEWALK BAR AND RESTAURANT - (2.04 miles from 10001)
[MAP] Address: 94 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
Phone: 212-473-7373
Web Site: http://www.sidewalkny.com/
Comments: Anchoring the corner of Avenue A and 6th Street for nearly 30 years, Sidewalk Cafe is an East Village landmark, both a lively neighborhood haunt and a destination for seekers of a singular slice of authentic New York nightlife. Sidewalk is known for its thriving live entertainment scene, mouthwatering menu of modestly priced casual fare (particularly burgers made with meat ground on-site for superior taste and texture) and convivial bar, the site of one of Manhattan's best Happy Hours. With three distinct spaces – Restaurant, Bar and Stage – offering three different reliably relaxed and always fun experiences, Sidewalk is open daily from 11 a.m to 4 a.m.
Join us for SidewalkLIVE, 20th Anniversary, our year-long celebration of two decades of live performances in our intimate back room Stage. To mark the milestone, throughout the year we will host special celebratory events and offer food and drink specials.
THE '76 HOUSE - (19.26 miles from 10001)
[MAP] Address: 110 Main St
Tappan, NY 10983
Phone: 845-359-5476
Web Site: http://76house.com/
Comments: The Old '76 House is not simply one of America's oldest taverns. Built in 1668, The Old '76 House had a profound effect on the outcome of The Revolutionary War. Through its long use as a meeting place for patriots, The Old '76 House established itself as safe ground for Americans when the air was rife with revolution and the tavern itself served as the "prison" of the Revolution's most notorious spy, Major John Andre. That is why The Old '76 House is often referred to as "Andre's Prison", not a real prison, in fact never having been a place of incarceration for anyone before or since. On the contrary, The Old '76 House has been a haven for many a weary traveler for more than two hundred years. This great tavern has accommodated on various occasions, every General of the west wing of the Continental Army including Commander-in-Chief General George Washington who, with his chief provisioner Samuel Fraunces, dined in the comfortable atmosphere of The Old '76 House.
ROCKAWAY RIVER BARN - (28.54 miles from 10001)
[MAP] Address: 11 Green Pond Road
Rockaway, NJ 07866
Phone: 973-453-6900
Web Site: http://www.rockawayriverbarn.com/index1.html
Comments: Our mission is to become your favorite local restaurant. We strive to provide down home, affordable, cutting-edge, melting pot American Cuisine using the finest farm fresh, local ingredients. We are committed to quality, value, friendliness and your total satisfaction. Our goal is to work together with our local community to be the very best while believing the best of today can be expanded upon tomorrow. Please visit us at our other locations where we share the same impeccable standards and endless commitment to our patrons. Make yourselves at home, at our home and thanks for coming over!

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